Building the Witch’s Pyramid - Starting to do Magick

Building the Witch’s Pyramid

In the last article, I talked about knowing your stuff before doing magickal work (sorry that it was so long ago).  “To know” is the first corner of the Witch’s Pyramid, a visual representation of the steps required to do effective magickal working.  The other corners of the pyramid are “To Dare”, “To Will” and “To Be Silent”, which we will discuss.  However, I cannot overstate that It is always important to understand what you are doing and the possible implications before you start working magick.  But… when do you know that you have learned enough to move forward?

To Dare…

Magick can be a little scary when you are a beginner.  You hear about the Threefold Law and you suddenly feel like the Goddesses and Gods are watching your every move to wack you with bad karma if you say anything out of turn.  Well, if the Goddesses and Gods could not forgive the occasional slip up, none of us would have gotten very far with our magickal path.  Once you have studied a topic and understand the implications, the only way to master it is to do it.  Study your subject, write down your ritual, collect your materials, pick the ideal time for your spell, cast your circle and go for it!

Now, when you “Dare” to do spell work, you have to do it with confidence.  Don’t let doubts hold you back.  Be prepared to stumble on some wording during your ritual, because you will stumble.  When you stumble, just keep going and know that the Goddesses and Gods are watching with pride as you take your first few steps into magick.

“What if I don’t do everything the way it is supposed to be done?”, you may be thinking.  Well, one of the nice things about Witchcraft is that there isn’t a “right way” to do things.  Things are always a little different in the moment than when everything was just in your head.  You probably won’t do everything the way you planned, but the way you conduct your spell the first time will be fine.

Of course, there are some words and actions that are more effective than others.  Some of your attempts will have more intention than others.  Some spells will fall flat, while others will be amazingly successful.  Each time, just write what you did in your Book of Shadows, and the next time improve upon what you did.  Magick, regardless of how long you have been practicing, is an area of your life where you will always be able to keep improving.

Next we will need “To Will” your Magick to work… but more on that next time!

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