Triquetra Moon Chalice - Silver Plated - Witch Chest
Triquetra Moon Chalice - Silver Plated - Witch Chest

Triquetra Chalice - Silver Plated

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In Wiccan tradition, the chalice is usually silver in colour and metal which are sacred to the Goddess. The Chalice is a symbol of abundance and fertility, and has several purposes in Wiccan rituals, including offering libations to the deities and with cakes & ale in rituals. The chalice may hold moon water, wine or ale, depending on the ritual.

The Triquetra symbolizes the three faces of the Goddess, balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit. The circle signifies the ever-turning cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Germanic neopagan groups who use the Triquetra to symbolize their faith generally believe it is originally of Norse and Germanic origins. The symbol is also sometimes used by wiccans and other pagans to symbolize the Triple Goddess, or as a protective symbol.

*Approximately 4.75 inches tall

**Does not include wooden tray or dried rosemary in pictures 



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