POP UP (Friday November 24th) - Mini Card Reading with Christina Hearns - Witch Chest

POP UP (Friday June 28th) - Mini Card Reading with Christina Hearns

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Are you currently looking for insights or confirmation into a current situation, past experience, or a potential future outcome in your personal growth, relationships, health or career? 

I will be pulling 3 cards from a Tarot Deck (current situation, challenge, potential outcome), 1 clarifying card from an Oracle Deck, as well as one of each of my I AM, Encouragement and Self-Care Energy Decks. 

*15 minute readings  

Christina Hearns is an Intuitive Advisor, workshop facilitator, yoga instructor, speaker, reiki practitioner and vegan. She is clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient and
all her sessions are done through her intuition, skills and knowledge.  Intuitive Guidance sessions may also include oracle cards, energy cards, tarot cards and charms. 

Readings are not a substitute for medical, legal, financial, physiological or psychological care. 

Readings are not prorated and not refundable if less than 36 hours notice is given prior to the session.

Witch Chest is happy to offer free local delivery in Ottawa with Trexity.

Have questions, email me at julie@witchchest.ca

Many Blessings!