Pendulum Magic By Fortuna Noir - Witch Chest
Pendulum Magic By Fortuna Noir - Witch Chest

Pendulum Magic By Fortuna Noir

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Harness the power of the pendulum with this petite yet potent reference—learn to use a simple crystal or weight suspended from a string to receive guidance from the spirit world.

Used for dowsing and divination, the pendulum is a magical tool essential to every witch’s practice. With the help of Pendulum Magic, discover how to direct the power you already have within you.

In this beginner-friendly handbook, find rituals for balancing chakras, meditations, and methods for clearing negative energies accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Explore the world of magic with a variety of spells and approaches for hands-on practices to master the powers of the world. 

Find the guidance you seek with magical rituals like this one:

  • To manifest your goals, gather: pendulum, pen and paper, and jasper quartz for motivation
  • Ask: Am I ready to achieve this goal right now?
    • Envision what your life would look like if this was actualized.
    • If your pendulum gives a positive answer, keep that in mind.
    • If the pendulum says yes more than once,
  • Ask: Is this the goal I should start with?
    • If yes, take the jasper and carry it with you as you take the first steps to achieve that goal, or until the goal has been fulfilled.

Let every swing of the pendulum be your guide in the mystical world.

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