Black Himalayan Salt (Coarse)- 30g - witchchest
Black Himalayan Salt (Coarse)- 30g - witchchest
Black Himalayan Salt (Coarse)- 30g - witchchest

Black Himalayan Salt (Coarse)- 30g

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Magickally, black salt can be scattered around an area to absorb toxic energies. It must be swept up and discarded afterward in order to dispose of the absorbed energies.

To rid your home of unwanted energies, sprinkle black salt around your house and then sweep it out the door.
Do this right after someone you don’t want returning walks out the door, to ensure he never comes back.

Black salt is an ingredient in a variety of protection, banishing, cleansing and purification spells or removing a spell.

When doing a ritual of any sort and casting a circle, the circle itself is cast to both protect the ritual and the people inside it, as well as hold the building energy until it’s time to release it. There are times however, when an extra layer of protection is needed to strengthen the circle cast. In those instances, marking the circle cast with black salt on the ground is a potent way of doing this.

*Does not include plate , cauldron or mortar & pestle in pictures.

** Not for internal consumption.

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