Beeswax Chime Candles - Witch Chest
Beeswax Chime Candles - Witch Chest
Beeswax Chime Candles - Witch Chest

Beeswax Chime Candles

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Candles are one of your most important witchy supplies. Incorporating chime candles into your spell work can benefit you in many ways.

Candle spells allow you to incorporate colour magic, using a candle of a specific colour in your ritual. So if you’re going to do a lot of candle magic (and most dedicated practitioners do), it's a good idea to keep candles of varying colors around.

The colour of the candle will typically correspond to specific meanings, some of which are shown below:

White: Purity and truth

Black: Negativity and banishment

Brown: is a strongly grounding earthy colour. It aids in emotional stability, balance, and building trust. Some Witches also use brown for manifestation magic and connecting with the realm of animals.

Blue: Health, patience and understanding

Purple: Ambition and power

Pink: Friendship, sweet love

Red: Courage and health, sexual love and lust

Orange: Attraction and encouragement

Green: Financial gain, abundance, fertility

Cream: is a candle for opulence. Also an excellent candle when carrying out full moon rituals, or when you want to call upon the Greek Goddess Selene.

*Since the colour ‘white’ possesses all of the colours of the spectrum, it makes a perfect “blank” candle that you can use to create candle magic when you are not sure which colour you need.

**Six beeswax chime candles per box

*** Burn time of approximately 1 hour


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