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Brass Pentacle Bell (5 inches)

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Brass altar bell with engraved Pentacle on both sides.

The bell is simple, but powerful ritual tool. As well as helping to open and close circle, the vibration of their ring provides a cleansing frequency that dissipates negative energies. Bells are also commonly used in circle to announce to everyone the transition from one part of the ritual to the next.

The pentacle is perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols that Wiccans and Pagans use. The base symbol is the five-pointed star, which can be drawn non-stop without lifting pen from paper. Enclosing the pentacle is often a circle. For many Wiccans and Pagans the pentacle is a symbol that represents magic and magical workings as a whole. For others it’s used as a talisman, a connection to the divine, to open and close circles and a myriad of other ritual uses.

*Measures approximately 5 inches in height by 2 1/4 inches deep

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