Cauldron Aroma Lamp - Witch Chest
Cauldron Aroma Lamp - Witch Chest

Ceramic Hanging Cauldron Aroma Lamp

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Place a tea light candle in the bottom of the lamp and pour your oil, loose incense or wax melts into the small ceramic cauldron above to enjoy the scents of your favorite incense or oil during a ritual.

The cauldron is a symbol of the creative forces of transformation. The round shape and receptive properties of cauldrons make them sacred to the Goddess, and it is associated with the element of Water. However, given that the heat of a fire is necessary for much of the transformative work of a cauldron, some view it as sharing association with both Water and Fire.

*Approximately 6.75 inches tall

**Small ceramic cauldron is approximately 3.5 inches tall (including the top handle) by 3 inches wide (including the two side handles)

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