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Earth Goddess Sabbat Altar Cloth

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Our 100% cotton Earth Goddess Sabbat altar cloth has the goddess and Sabbat calendar in silver with gold knot design on all four sides on a black background.

The eight solar celebrations, known as Sabbats are the most commonly celebrated and revered occasions on the pagan calendar, marking the ever-changing seasons.

Observing the cycle of the seasons has been important to many people, both ancient and modern, and many contemporary Pagan festivals are based to varying degrees on folk traditions. The Wheel of the Year is the pagan annual cycle of seasonal festivals. It consists of eight festivals: the solstices and equinoxes, known as the "quarter days", and the four midpoints between, known as the "cross quarter days”. The name and date of festivals celebrated by differing sects of modern Paganism can vary considerably.

Imbolc: February 1-2
Ostara: March 19-23
Beltane: April 30 – May 1
Litha/Midsummer: June 19-23
Lughnasadh: August 1-2
Mabon: September 20-24
Samhain: October 31 – November 1
Yule: December 19-23

*Measures approximately 24X24 inches 


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