Hem Organic Palo Santo & Rue (Arruda) Incense Sticks - 15 g - Witch Chest

Hem Organic Palo Santo & Rue (Arruda) Incense Sticks - 15 g

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Palo Santo is a rare and high priced wood. It is said to be holy as well as considered to be sacred for cleansing homes from bad energies. The fragrance as per tradition is said to induce a sense of clarity, concentration, and repels both insects as well as depression. The incense fights bad and foul odour spreading its essence all over the surrounding.

Arruda (Rue), a spice plant was earlier used as a cure for remedies in the Middle Ages and today, it is grown as an ornamental plant. Rue Incense helps promote well-being, relaxation and also aids in the recovery process. Hem Incense Sticks are a natural and unique blend of essential oils, herbs, flowers, and resins. They are handcrafted to diffuse an enchanting fragrance that lasts longer. Our incense sticks are safe and can be used for its fragrance at home, office, or shops.

Each box contains masala sticks that offer a burning time of 30-40 mins per stick.

*10 incense sticks per package

Are you interested in learning more about our Hem Organic Palo Santo & Rue (Arruda) Incense Sticks - 15 g?

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Many Blessings and Merry Meet!