Inner Beauty Candle (Blessed Herbal Affirmations) - By Coventry Creations - Witch Chest

Inner Beauty (Blessed Herbal Affirmations) - By Coventry Creations

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Replace old self-defeating thoughts with Inner Beauty. Beauty begins in the spirit, is fine-tuned by emotions, and is translated by the body. From within we craft the outer view of who we are. Self-defeating thoughts are the first to show and the least beneficial. We are born with an illuminated spirit created by the beauty of love. Treasure and honor your spirit with the love of the creator and others will clearly see the beauty of who you truly are.

Affirmation: I am a child of light. The bearer of love and the keeper of beauty. I free myself of the negative self-defeating thoughts that blanket my illuminated spirit and cleanse myself of their poison. I embody brilliance and show the beauty of my true self to all who will see.

*Fragrance blend of grapefruit & ginger

**Approximately 40 hour burn time

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Many Blessings and Merry Meet!