Triquetra Leather Journal/Book Of Shadows - Witch Chest
Triquetra Leather Journal/Book Of Shadows - Witch Chest

Triquetra Leather Journal/Book Of Shadows

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A Book of Shadows is one of the most important parts of a witch's magickal practice. It is where a witch stores spells, recipes, personal thoughts and feelings. It is best to use a book of shadows made out of natural materials if you intend to bring in circle with you, because man made chemicals like plastics interfere with the magickal energies during ritual work.

The triquetra BOS is bound in brown leather and features a hand-embossed triquetra with a metal clasp closure with approximately 200 blank ivory colored pages. 

The Triquetra symbolizes the three faces of the Goddess, balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit. The circle signifies the ever-turning cycle of life, death and rebirth. Germanic neopagan groups who use the Triquetra to symbolize their faith generally believe it is originally of Norse and Germanic origins. The symbol is also sometimes used by wiccans and some new agers to symbolize the Triple Goddess, or as a protective symbol.

*The paper in all journals/BOS are hand made, not mass manufactured. It has a slightly rougher texture.

**5 X 7 in measurement

***Leather colour may vary

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