Love Spell Jar Kit - Witch Chest
Love Spell Jar Kit - Witch Chest

Love Spell Jar Kit

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Love Spell Jar


  • Attraction / Love Candle
  • Heart Shaped Jar With Cork
  • Red Wax Stick
  • Pentacle Spell Jar Charm
  • Rose Buds
  • Pink Salt
  • Mistletoe
  • Rose Quartz Tumble
    Directions :

(Cast Your Circle First & Light the attraction & love candle before starting your jar.)

  1. Cleanse your jar however you desire.
  2. Put the pink salt in the jar and follow by adding the other herbs with intent.

OPTIONAL ADD ONS: You can add on other herbs you feel fit your intention (Red clover, ginger root, Hibiscus, Raspberry etc.)

  1. Write on a small paper what type of love you are wanting to bring into your life (self love, soulmate ete .)
  2. Fold paper towards yourself and place it in the jar.
  3. Place crystal and charm inside the jar and seal with cork.

OPTIONAL: Use string to tie the charm around the bottle before or after sealing.

  1. Drip Wax on the cork while keeping your intention in mind.
  2. Allow time for your votive to completely burn . keep jar on your altar or anywhere you feel fits.
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Many Blessings!