Magical Herb Bundle - Five Herbs - witchchest
Magical Herb Bundle - Five Herbs - witchchest
Magical Herb Bundle - Five Herbs - witchchest
Magical Herb Bundle - Five Herbs - Witch Chest
Magical Herb Bundle - Five Herbs - Witch Chest

Magical Herb Bundle - 5 Herbs

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Bundle of five herbs in a 100% cotton Witch Chest drawstring bag - Lavender (5g), Rosemary (5g), Rose buds/Petals (5g), Mugwort (10g) and Blue Vervain (10g).


Lavender is masculine in action and associated with Mercury, the element of air and the astrological sign Virgo.

It may be used as an asperging herb (to sprinkle water for purification purposes) and dried lavender can be burnt like incense over a charcoal disk.
It is also useful in spells to sharpen the mind, to encourage or strengthen pure love and to encourage fertility.

The scent of lavender is relaxing and uplifting all at once making it great aromatherapy for stressed out or depressed individuals. Try adding some lavender buds to your bath or making a pillow insert with lavender buds to help you relax and fall asleep. Lavender also soothes headaches.

*Large amounts of lavender should not be consumed internally by pregnant women or nursing mothers.


Rosemary is male in nature and ruled by Leo, the element of fire, the sun and the moon. It’s sacred to Hebe and Aphrodite .

Rosemary can be used in spells for fidelity and remembrance as well as to dispel jealousy. Rosemary is useful for ritual baths, and for making sacred herbal water for ritual cleansing, blessing and purification. Bathing in rosemary will enhance your memory and will make you more memorable to those you meet throughout the day.

Use rosemary in spells to enhance memory, including those spells for success in school. Burn dried rosemary as an incense when you are meditating or doing dream work to remember your past lives. Placing rosemary under your pillow will help you to recall your dreams and to keep away nightmares.

Rosemary may be used in handfasting ceremonies in a variety of ways. It can be carried or worn by the bride and/or groom to symbolize love and loyalty and it may also be gifted to guests for the same purpose. If a bride and groom plant a rosemary plant together on their wedding day, they can watch it as it grows to divine the family’s fortune.

Burn rosemary and sage together to cleanse a ritual area or to drive negativity away from any space, object or person.


Rose buds/petals are believed by many people to be a symbol of Love, Romance, Sexual Attraction and to draw Good Luck in matters of the heart. Rose is a highly versatile flower and magickal herb. That’s why there are more ways to use dried rose petals in magick and witchcraft than you think.

Many people like roses in general, but a lot of witches tend to be especially fond of roses. After all, roses are beautiful, smell good, and embody a natural elegance of their own. For this reason, witches use rose petals in love spells and workings that relate to relationships. However, rose petals also contain potent magickal energies that don’t specifically relate to love magick or romance charms. In fact, there are plenty of other spiritual uses for rose petals.

Roses have the highest vibrational frequency out of all the plants. Rose’s high frequency makes it an ideal herb for cleansing.
Rose petals make an excellent offering to any deity, spirit, faery, or other interdimensional entity that you sense will enjoy.

The high-frequency energy of roses is useful for manifesting money, wealth, and other material desires. Place dried rose petals in a money poppet or sachet to boost its money-drawing powers. You can do the same with any witch bottles created for attracting money.

If you’re looking for an easy way to draw money, sprinkle some dried rose petals into your wallet. This is especially helpful if you have a job that requires you to utilize your beauty and charm to make money.
Burning dried rose petals add positive energy to fire spells. Also, it produces a lovely scent! Throw a handful of roses into a needfire to add some power to a manifestation. Roses are associated with Aphrodite, Adonis and Eros.


Mugwort is used primarily as a visionary herb. It amplifies psychic vision and may induce prophetic dreams. An herb of the Goddess as Crone, mugwort encourages wisdom and observation. It is also a very protective herb against any negative energies or spirits. Associated with the element of earth and air, Venus and the Moon and ruled by Taurus and Libra.

Mugwort contains the chemical thujone, which is a mild intoxicant. If you are very sensitive to thujone, remember that it can be absorbed transdermally (through the skin).

**Should not be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers.  

Blue Vervain 

Blue Vervain is used primarily as a protective herb against any negative energies or spirits. An excellent herb for divination, dream magic and to add to love spells. Associated with planet of Venus and the elements of air, earth and fire.


***Does not include plate or wooden tray in pictures 

****Not for internal consumption.

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