Miniature Besom/Broom With Crystal By Anne Cheng (Gatineau) - Witch Chest

Miniature Besom/Broom With Crystal By Anne Cheng (Gatineau)

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Handmade and wrapped with copper & crystals by Anne Cheng from Gatineau. Made with Birch, Oak or Cedar wood.

The besom is a sacred ritual tool in witchcraft and is sacred to both the Goddess and God. The God by it's shape, the Goddess by the bristles, the binding cord and the shaft.

Birch - Birch is an excellent wand for purifying and cleansing with grounding properties. This is a good wand to use while saging and other ritual work where you want to ensure negative energies are removed.

Oak - Oak wands bring vitality and long life. To the ancient Celtic people, oak was the protector, provider, benevolent king of the trees. Utilized as a healing wood, and grounded considering its strong connection to the earth.

Cedar -Ā Cedar represent purification, protection, incorruptibility and eternal life.Ā Cedar is associated with power and longevity.Ā When hung above a door it will repel negative energy and spirits.

Maple - Maple holds the wisdom of healing, love, longevity, abundanceĀ and practical magick. It is also known a travellerā€™s wood. An excellent wand for any cleansing, divination and luck spells.Ā 

Willow - Willow is a great wood forĀ love spells, working with emotions, creativity, fertility, protection and healing. Willow draws power from the moon and is associated with new moon magick.

Red Dogwood - Dogwood is an excellent wood for protection and banishing spells. It is also a wood of strength, determination, devotion, loyalty and passion.

Copper - copper has the ability to conduct spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world. It is also used for its healing properties in improving circulation of blood, increasing energy and detoxification of the body.



*All crystals are attached to the wood by using balsam fir sap as the glue.

**Does not include wooden tray in pictures

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