Myrrh - 10g - witchchest
Myrrh - 10g - witchchest
Myrrh - 10g - witchchest

Myrrh Resin - 10g

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Myrrh resin can be burned as an incense for purification, exorcism, protection and healing. Also, for funerary rites, connection with the dead and the underworld.

Myrrh gum/resin is a suitable offering for Ra, Isis, Adonis, Leto, Nereus, Poseidon, Neptune, Latona, Protogonos.

In ancient Egypt, Myrrh was often used as an offering to the goddess Isis, so if you’re doing a ritual calling upon her for assistance, incorporate myrrh into your celebration.

If you’re feeling stressed out, try this: burn some myrrh nearby to help relax and calm your nerves. Another great option, you can also put Myrrh in a pouch and place it under your pillow, to bring about restful and peaceful sleep.

Use myrrh in your Full Moon Incense or a fiery summer incense blend to burn at Litha or Beltane.

Like all resins, Myrrh should be burned on a charcoal disk.

Myrrh incense resonates with the energy of Mars.

*Does not include plate , cauldron or mortar & pestle in pictures.

**Not for internal consumption.

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