Esbats Loose Incense - 15g (Glass Jar) - Witch Chest
Esbats Loose Incense - 15g (Glass Jar) - Witch Chest

Esbats Loose Incense - 15g (Glass Jar)

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New Moon Loose Incense has a clean citrus and floral scent to help as you start the new lunar cycle, setting new intentions.

The New Moon (Dark moon), when the moon appears to be completely covered in darkness is a great time for manifesting what you wish to have in your life. It is also a good time for scrying and other methods of divination. Magickal workings aimed at initiating new projects (jobs, ventures, spiritual growth etc...) are also best done within the new moon.

Full Moon Loose Incense has slightly spicy woodsy scent to help you be grounded during this lunar cycle of energy.

The full moon is considered an appropriate time for all magick related to divination, scrying, protection, releasing, banishing, and overcoming obstacles. It is also the most appropriate time to honor, evoke or invoke lunar deities and Mother Goddesses.

*Not for internal consumption.

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