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Purple Pentacle Altar Cloth

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Your magical altar is a sacred place for ritual and spellwork. An altar cloth is most often used to cover your altar, especially if it is made out of wood, to protect the surface, as a decoration and honour your specific deity, Goddess/God or patron.

This purple altar cloth has a central pentacle with a border of celtic knots in black. The pentacle is perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols that Wiccans and Pagans use. The base symbol is the five-pointed star, which can be drawn non-stop without lifting pen from paper. Enclosing the pentacle is often a circle. For many Wiccans and Pagans the pentacle is a symbol that represents magic and magical workings as a whole. The Pentacle contains the four elements and spirit, and it is particularly known as a symbol of protection. For others it’s used as a talisman, a connection to the divine, to open and close circles and a myriad of other ritual uses. Pentacle cloth measures 36" X 36" and is 100% rayon. Excellent size for a large altar or coven ceremonies.


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