Rosemary (Organic) - 5g - witchchest
Rosemary (Organic) - 5g - witchchest
Rosemary (Organic) - 5g - witchchest

Rosemary(Organic)Morocco - 5g

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Rosmarinus Officinalis (Morocco)

Rosemary is male in nature and ruled by Leo, the element of fire, the sun and the moon. It’s sacred to Hebe and Aphrodite .

Rosemary can be used in spells for fidelity and remembrance as well as to dispel jealousy. Rosemary is useful for ritual baths, and for making sacred herbal water for ritual cleansing, blessing and purification. Bathing in rosemary will enhance your memory and will make you more memorable to those you meet throughout the day.

Use rosemary in spells to enhance memory, including those spells for success in school. Burn dried rosemary as an incense when you are meditating or doing dream work to remember your past lives. Placing rosemary under your pillow will help you to recall your dreams and to keep away nightmares.

Rosemary may be used in handfasting ceremonies in a variety of ways. It can be carried or worn by the bride and/or groom to symbolize love and loyalty and it may also be gifted to guests for the same purpose. If a bride and groom plant a rosemary plant together on their wedding day, they can watch it as it grows to divine the family’s fortune.

Burn rosemary and sage together to cleanse a ritual area or to drive negativity away from any space, object or person.

*Not for internal consumption.

**Does not include plate , cauldron or mortar & pestle in pictures.

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