Selenite Athame With Penatcle - Witch Chest
Selenite Athame With Penatcle - Witch Chest

Selenite Athame With Pentacle

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The athame represents the magical element of fire, associated with the Sun and the Horned God. The athame in magickal practice is used like a wand to focus and project the energies of the witch. When the athame is combined with the chalice they represent the union of God and Goddess, male and female, sun and moon, fire and water.

Selenite is a master cleanser, removing negative energies. It calms the mind and instills deep peace during meditation or spiritual work. Selenite assists the user by enhancing judgement and insight. It eliminates confusion and helps one to see the big picture. 

A Pentacle is the single most powerful symbol and the best representation of the Four elements: Earth (lower left point), Air (upper left point), Fire (lower right point) and Water (upper right point), and Divine Spirit pointing upwards. The Pentacle is also the symbol of protection. It act as protection from negative and evil energies. In addition, it allows you to conjure, command and control those forces which may harm you.

*Measures approximately 9.5 inches in length 

**May not be as pictured as selenite crystal may have some imperfections from time to time

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