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The Essential Book Of Celtic Spells By Marie Bruce

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The Celts are renowned for being an often romantic and sometimes brutal community. In both history and mythology, they have given us many legendary kings and queens, warriors and heroes. From Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, to Mary Queen of Scots and Rob Roy Macgregor, to Cuchulain and Sgathaich/Scathach, many of Britain's warrior poets hail from the Celtic regions. Indeed, the term warrior poet itself comes from Irish and Scottish folklore and refers to a chivalrous soldier who fights with mind, body and spirit, documenting his deeds in poetry. This lasting legacy remains evident in the literature of the war poets of the last century.

More than that, the Celts were also master magicians and artisans, leaving their sacred artwork dotted around the landscape for us to enjoy and wonder at. Pictish standing stones carved with intricate Celtic knot work and imagery, such as the Eagle Stone in Strathpeffer, Scotland, still hum with ancient magic. There is a mystery and a magnetism about these stones, imbued by our forefathers, which we can still feel today.

Written by an author with Celtic Scottish heritage, this beautiful book is full of songs, poems, sayings and spellwork for anyone interested in Celtic Magic to enjoy.

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