The Grimoire Journal By Paige Vanderbeck - Witch Chest
The Grimoire Journal By Paige Vanderbeck - Witch Chest

The Grimoire Journal By Paige Vanderbeck

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A guided grimoire journal to inspire new witches

 A grimoire is a witch’s personal book of spells—a magical companion where they jot notes, observations, rituals and more. It’s part scrapbook, part journal, and all-powerful. The Grimoire Journal is a helpful guide to creating your very own grimoire through rituals, recipes, thoughtful journal prompts, and more. There’s no wrong way to be a witch and no wrong way to use this grimoire guide. Start in the middle if something inspires you. Draw pictures, paste in photos, or write your incantations in haiku form. You’re in the magical driver’s seat.


The Grimoire Journal provides you with:

  • Magical knowledge—Immerse yourself in the world of magic. You’ll work with candles, crystals, herbs, and other tools. Learn how to bless your home, open your Third Eye to scry with the stars, and brew enchanted tea. Illustrations of moon phases and a write-in Wheel of the Year are also included.
  • Thought-provoking prompts—Summon your spells, record your rituals, describe your dreams, and write down your recipes using powerful prompts inspired by every magical purpose.
  • Pages for your personal magic—Once you begin writing down your thoughts, feelings, and magical experiences, you’ll realize one of The Grimoire Journal’s true powers: tuning into your inner voice to craft your very own spells and rituals.


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