Samhain Ritual Candle - Witch Chest
Samhain Ritual Candle - Witch Chest

Samhain Ritual Candle

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Samhain, October 31st, is the witch’s new year. A celebration both joyous and somber, it centres around honouring the Beloved Dead, and inviting their presence back for one night, that they may eat, drink and be remembered by those who live. The different worlds draw close to each other, and it is a traditional time for magic, divination and spell work.

This candle is created to be the light that shines as a beacon to your own beloved departed, to honour their memory, and to guide them to you for this magical evening. Use this by itself, or as part of a full ritual with our Crossroads of Spirits Samhain incense, Season of the Witch bath and anointing oil.

*Measures approximately 3” x 4”

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