Witch’s Black Salt - 60g - Witch Chest
Witch’s Black Salt - 60g - Witch Chest

Witch’s Black Salt - 60g

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Witchs Black Salt, also known as ritual black salt is not for human consumption. The Witches’ black salt should not be confused with the “black salt” that is used in certain regions as a kitchen salt. This is a homemade preparation, based on old magical recipes.

The most common way to use witch’s black salt is for protection.  Black salt will not only serve as a great protection for you, your home or your business, but can also help to remove undesirable people from your life. It has amazing effectiveness.

Pour a line of Witch’s Black Salt across the threshold of doors and along windowsills to keep negativity from entering your home.  It can also be used to form a protective circle for all types of rituals. You can pour a line around your entire property annually to create another layer against harmful energies. You can also throw salt under your work desk.

Witch’s Black Salt is also used as a general shield against negativity.  The most basic spell is made by taking a handful of black salt and throwing it in the direction in which negativity is perceived, to temporarily repel and prevent it.  Put some in a glass bowl and keep it under your bed to dispel nightmares. Sprinkle a little salt behind someone you want to remove from your place, be it a neighbor or a co-worker.

Our homemade Witch’s black salt comes in a Kraft pouch. Always made under the New Moon.

*Not for consumption 

**Does not include dried roses or wooden tray in pictures 

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Many Blessings and Merry Meet!